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PewResearchCenter: "How two decades of globalization have changed the world"

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"Sometimes a graphic inspires us not by its creative animations or mesmerizing interactive elements, but by how much it can explain with how little.

"That’s why we like this chart from Branko Milanovic, lead economist at the World Bank’s research department (as annotated by James Plunkett, policy director at U.K. think tank Resolution Foundation). Milanovic likes to call it: 'How the world changed between the fall of the Berlin wall and the fall of Wall Street.'

"... The 'losers' are the bottom 5% (mostly people in Africa, Milanovic says), and people clustered around the 80th percentile. Most of that latter group live in developed countries — some in post-Communist countries that haven’t adapted well to globalization, but also the lower middle classes of advanced economies such as the [U.K.,] U.S. and Germany.

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