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Daily Telegraph: "Window and door rules axed in drive to get Britain building houses"

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"David Cameron will today announce a drive to build thousands more homes by slashing building regulations.

"More than a hundred rules applied to new homes will be pared back to fewer than ten in a bonfire of 'crazy and over-zealous' red tape, the Prime Minister will say.

"... Rules setting out minimum window sizes, the dimensions of rooms, the strength of front doors, and arrangements for toilets, lighting, telephone lines and disabled access will be culled in the review."

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"Economic gap between London and other cities widening, report claims"
"London is 'sucking' talent from the rest of Britain as the economic recovery sees the prosperity gap between the capital and the rest of the country widen, a report has warned.

"Almost ten times more jobs are being created in London than the next best performing areas of the country, research by the Centre for Cities think tank revealed.

"The study also found the capital accounted for 80 per cent of national private sector growth between 2010 and 2012."

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