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[Reposted from Nov.] The Guardian: "Why Shops Matter; High Streets define Communities"

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"De Kare-Silver knows retailing. He's sat on the main boards of giant retail chains. He feels the wind of change. He quotes the great guru Richard Hyman of Verdict Research: 
"Almost every retailer you can think of has got too many shops … and this sentiment is bound to grow, as more and more revenue comes through their websites."
He knows that so many expansion plans – like those of our grocery giants to open 25million more square feet of new space by 2015 – simply don't add up any longer.

"... At its root, shopping serves one crucial purpose: it defines communities. Your local shops are where you bump into friends, nip out to buy a toaster or pair of shoes, break up the routine of the day – a routine that is growing ever more tenuous as people spend their lives in front of a screen, stuck inside little office boxes or, increasingly, working from home. What happens when the shops die? Neighbourhoods lose reference points. Areas lose their identities. There's no throb of life to the place where you live. It becomes blank, anonymous, savourless."

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The Guardian: "England riots will happen again without urgent action, independent panel warns"

"Motivations for joining the riots ranged from 'the need for new trainers to a desire to attack society'. Some people affected questioned whether "the issue of bankers' bonuses, MPs' expenses, and a lack of personal responsibility, had created a moral vacuum in society".

" 'Stop and search' was cited as a major source of discontent by young black and Asian men, and immediate attention on this issue was needed, said the report.

" 'Most disturbing to us was a widespread feeling that some rioters had no hope and nothing to lose,' said Darra Singh, the panel's chair. There was an absence of 'hopes and dreams' among young people in many of the riot hit areas, the panel added.

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