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"Across the country personal debt is seen as endemic, but nowhere more so than in London. While the region is seen as rich in the eyes of many elsewhere in the country and worldwide, this description is too simplistic; London is the UK's most over-indebted region.

"... Brent and Barnet are [some of] London's rent arrears hot spots.

"Unfortunately it's not surprising to see some of the highlighted boroughs in the infographic. Conversely others, especially those in west London, are mistakenly thought of as prosperous when they have contain some of the highest personal debt burdens in the country.

"If you need help with your personal debt, use our online counselling service Debt Remedy."

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  1. London is one of the most fascinating places in the world. I’ve been dreaming of going there, ever since I was in high school. I’m wishing that this debt issue will be resolved immediately. When the 2012 Olympics begin, London will be a tourist hotspot, bringing in millions in tourist revenue alone. Hopefully this will help London bounce back economically.