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Hammerson: "Responding to Market Dynamics"

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"We aim to provide the most dynamic and exciting environments for our retailers to thrive, and their customers to shop, be entertained and socialise."

"... By 2020, it is anticipated that 75% of non-food sales will be influenced in some capacity by the internet, and 50% will be fulfilled online.

Store numbers are falling...
"... Retailers are increasingly focusing their portfolios and reshaping their estates on 'winning' locations where physical space still adds value. The total number of UK shop units occupied by chain stores in 2010 was 36,000, this [sic] number is forecast to fall by 31% in town centre locations, 2% in out of town locations and by 25% in aggregate, by 2020. Similar trends are evident in continental Europe.
... but average store sizes are rising
"As the polarisation between shopping destinations grows, retailers will concentrate investment in physical retail solely in successful shopping venues capable of sustaining larger stores, and suiting the needs of the consumer and retailer.
As retailers focus on 'top' locations
"... Our portfolio of dominant regional shopping centres succeeds in providing experience based on range and depth of offering, customer services, catering, leisure and promotional activity."

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