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Brent Cross Coalition: A mission statement

A wasted opportunity for imaginative regeneration

Our primary objective is to reject the current outdated development plan, and to see it replaced with a scheme that is more visionary, and more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

We are in favour of regeneration of this prime brown-field site, to create a thriving and dynamic town centre, served by a new and integrated public transport infrastructure, including light rail.

We don't want to see this unique regenerational opportunity wasted, and believe that the BXC site should be about much more than increasing the size of the shopping centre. There should be a focus on creating a world-class location that aims to become a beacon of community-led sustainable regeneration. People should want to live and visit Cricklewood for more than a clone shopping centre

We believe that with more imagination, the BXC development could produce something unique for North London. We should have higher aspirations for regeneration. Why can't Brent Cross Cricklewood become a hub of arts and culture, teaching, sporting, scientific or engineering excellence? The development should focus beyond short-term gains, and should instead seek to create an attractive and thriving location.

In 20 years' time people from across the UK should be able to look at an example to emulate, rather than thinking: 'what a wasted opportunity.'

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