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'Locality': Creating a Neighbourhood Plan

Link to locality.org.uk

'Locality' has been formed through the merger of bassac and the Development Trusts Association, to create the country's leading network of community owned and led organisations.

Decide how your neighbourhood should develop. We offer free expert support to help local groups create a neighbourhood plan.

Intensive support
We’re offering intensive support to seven groups in ‘frontrunner’ areas to help them produce a neighbourhood plan. Applications for this support are now closed.
We’ll be running a series of workshops around England during June 2012. These workshops are aimed at groups just starting out and will give a clear overview of the neighbourhood planning process and advice on how to get going.
Mini planning camps
Following the success of the national Planning Camp held at the Eden Project in February, we’ll be running three mini-planning camps during July 2012.
Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap
We’re producing a guide to help groups navigate the world of neighbourhood planning. The Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap will be available to download at the end of May.
We also offer a range of free resources, available for anyone to use.


TCPA Conference, 29 March 2011

(Speaker from Scott Wilson consultants)

"... I want to try and set out in the next few minutes how we might move forward with engagement in neighbourhood or community planning, in the context of a great deal of rhetorical support and policy in the form of localism and big society, but also the reality of deep and lasting service and funding cuts.

"I will argue that the real prize of neighbourhood planning is not the plan itself, but in the engagement processes around it.
“We will establish a system where councils, communities and business work together. Instead of fighting against development imposed from Whitehall, local people will have a far greater influence over what is built in their area."
Eric Pickles, March 2011
"I want to show how achieving good community engagement and imaginative local solutions is both a process as well as a policy challenge, and to illustrate this with some early work I am doing on new localist structures and processes in the White City Opportunity Area in Hammersmith and Fulham." 

Link to transript (PDF file)

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