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[Reposted] London Metropolitan Archives: "Green Islands, 1954" and "Barbican, 1969"

"This film discusses the parks and pleasure gardens of London, showing many of the sports and pastimes carried on in them. Made by the LCC to show all the activities that London Parks have to offer, one inter-title notes:
"There is a green belt around the city and green islands at its heart - all carefully kept to provide places of rest where nature is to be enjoyed.'"
"The changing seasons in London's parks and open spaces, from summer to winter and through to spring, are also shown, in locations such as Hampstead Heath, Battersea Park and Victoria Embankment Gardens." 

"This film documents the development scheme for a residential area in the City, and the start of building works in the Barbican. Following the destruction to this area during World War II, the scheme aimed to provide about 7,000 people with flats and houses, as well as shops, schools, and a wide range of cultural and other amenities."

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