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Latest statement of the Brent Cross Coalition

The coalition objects to the following:

Harm to Nine High Streets - within 2 miles lie Cricklewood, Willesden Green, Dollis Hill, Neasden, Kilburn, Hendon, Golders Green, Fortune Green, and West Hampstead. They will be choked by traffic, and shops are likely to close, taking the heart out of the community, and those with car access will drive elsewhere.

Transport - 20% more road traffic, based on Barnet's own estimate of 29,000 extra cars each day on local roads. Most of our members are in favour of the North West London Light Railway, which could be partly funded by the several large developments in Barnet, Wembley and Old Oak Common.

Pollution - including vehicle emissions, dioxins and toxic unmonitored nano particles from a large-scale waste combusting 'gasifying incinerator*, and around-the-clock traffic.

Environmental sustainability - Loss of green space and wildlife, carbon footprint increases, and unsound aspects of the proposed waste processing combustor and heat-and-power plant. None of the housing has solar panels or microgeneration, and aspires only to code 3 for sustainable homes - when by 2016 all private housing will have to be code 6, i.e. carbon zero.

Lack of social sustainability - failure to create long-term community, the impact of brutalising high-density 1980s style housing, alienating metal bridges instead of crossings, and lack of facilities for youth. Social housing accounts for only 13%.

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