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20 Years of Open City (Open House)

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"2012 is a very significant moment for London. This year is then a great time to explore how the city is going through an unprecedented process of change, and how it will emerge in the future. In its 20th anniversary year, Open-City will not only be highlighting how our city has changed in look and feel, but also the major shift in public attitudes and professional practice that will continue to shape it over the next 20 years."

New speakers join Smarter Cities, Smarter Thinking Conference

Smarter Cities, Smarter Thinking
Open House Worldwide Conference 2012
London, 21&22 June

To book contact: admin@openhouseworldwide.org

Why you should attend
  1. Gain insights from leading experts into how sustainability is being 'designed-into' global cities.
  2. Highlights effective collaborative solutions between practitioners and the industry to deliver sustainable places that work for people
  3. Brings together a unique worldwide network of individuals companies and organisations
Newly confirmed speakers include:
  • Volker Buscher, Director of Smart Cities, Arup
  • Tim Stonor, Managing Director, Space Syntax
  • Malcolm Smith, Director of Integrated Urbanism, Arup
Full details of speakers and the programme of events can be seen here
About the conference
  • Day 1: 'People and Place' - incorporating people into the holistic architectural design process
  • Day 2: 'People and Practice' - designing-in sustainability and showcasing methods
This conference aims to highlight examples of smarter and creative thinking in the way existing cities are being made more sustainable for the future, showcasing more holistic approaches that generate social and economic alongside environmental benefits. It brings together professionals from the built environment and technology, energy and sustainability sectors and Open House cities.

Click here to read Open-City's article in the Architects' Journal on 'designing-in' sustainability (registration required)

Visit the Open House Worldwide website

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