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BCSC: "Assessing Community Value Of Regeneration"

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"Investment in town centres and high streets plays a crucial role in building healthy, successful and inclusive towns and cities, and sustainable development must be at the heart of any investment strategy.

"The concept of an environmental footprint is now well understood. What is less understood, but just as instantly recognisable, are the socio-economic impacts that investment can deliver. The retail and property industries are uniquely positioned to achieve commercial success while delivering and creating benefits for local communities, including the most disadvantaged.

"The Government‟s new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) reinforces this, as it promotes a 'presumption in favour of sustainable development' as part of its commitment to economic growth. It also continues the focus on revitalising town centres.

"Underpinning both of these key areas of planning policy is how development can be – as part of a larger strategy – a catalyst for delivering a wider range of economic and social benefits. [Not at Brent Cross, it ain't.]

"Yet it can be difficult to know exactly what the socio-economic benefits of such developments are, and how they can be assessed. It can become a subjective matter of great debate between stakeholders, from 'it will bring hundreds of jobs' [is that net, in the retail industry overall, in the whole wider area?] to 'it will kill the high street' with the positive and negative impacts judged on an anecdotal level."

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See also (although not in regard to Brent Cross):
"'Under-served Markets: Retail and Regeneration' examines retail-led regeneration, offers a practical guide for the retail and property sector as well as local authorities.

"The report draws out lessons learnt by the Under-served Markets pilot programme, and examines the potential challenges and solutions to retail-led regeneration. It also contains guidance on the role that planning policy plays in retail-led regeneration."  (2007)

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