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BBC: Touring the Shard

Towering 95 storeys high into the sky over central London, the Shard is now western Europe's tallest building. Italian architect Renzo Piano and London property entrepreneur Irvine Sellar take Razia Iqbal on a tour of the building (click on image). Below, World Service's Robin Banerji asks what it's like to live near skyscrapers. 

"London has a spiky new steel and glass steeple - the Shard. This elongated pyramid is currently the tallest building in the European Union at 310m, but how does it feel to live in the shadow of such a giant?

"Skyscrapers have been the symbol of the modern city for over a century. In the past 50 years, buildings have been rising ever higher, majestically reaching for the sky and making the most of land values in crowded city centres.

"But while tall buildings can be adored or reviled from afar, it is in their own neighbourhoods and at their own feet that their effects are most acutely felt."

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