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Questions to the Mayor on Brent Cross (earlier this year)

Transport for London-owned land
  Question No: 920 / 2012
  Navin Shah
"The A406 North Circular and the A41 Hendon Way are both Transport for London roads, on Transport for London freehold land, and yet in answer to Question 106/2012 you state that the specification and design of the support piers of the road junction are not the responsibility of Transport for London. How can that be so - if not Transport for London, then who?"
Written response from the Mayor
"To clarify the previous answer, no decision has been taken on who would be designing the proposed changes to the structures on the A406 and A41 that are part of the Brent Cross Cricklewood development. 

Any proposed changes will need to be designed under TfL standards and passed through TfL’s approvals process before any construction can take place as part of a Section 278 (Highways Act 1980) agreement between the developer and TfL. Construction of the structures may therefore not be TfL’s responsibility."

Brent Cross
  Question No: 921 / 2012
  Navin Shah
"With £4.5-billion, 14-million square feet of approved development at Brent Cross, what are the local transport policies there, for, say, the next 50 years?"
Written response from the Mayor
"The planning application and transport strategy was developed over a number of years and was originally based on the Brent Cross, Cricklewood and West Hendon Development Framework adopted in 2004. The Outline planning application and Masterplan approved by me in March 2010 was developed over a number of years and will be delivered on a phase by phase basis in accordance with the section 106 agreement provisions which include; constitution of a Transport Strategy Group, preparation of Phased Transport Reports and expenditure of a Consolidated Transport Fund. This will allow the relevant highway and strategic transport authorities to plan the development in detail by phase.

The application is in accordance with the London Plan. The Barnet Local Development Framework has also been recently updated to reflect the approach taken in the Outline planning application. TfL has also prepared a series of sub regional transport plans which will also be used to help define the local transport infrastructure needs surrounding the Brent Cross Opportunity Area in more detail."

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