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The Guardian: "Tax crackdowns threaten Channel Islands' haven status" (What, because of little old Hammerson and Brent Cross South? [Er, no.])

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"Five years ago, at its peak, the value of assets held through Jersey – its offshore banks, trusts and investment funds – was estimated at £700bn-£800bn, according to the island's former chief adviser Colin Powell. The figure is equivalent to about half of the UK's annual economic output.

"Finance dominates life in the Channel Islands, particularly Jersey and Guernsey, where it accounts for almost half of economic activity. The island capitals of St Helier and St Peter Port are dotted with familiar-named banks, many of them institutions that have survived only after bailouts from taxpayers elsewhere in the world.

"If the past five years of global financial turmoil have not entirely passed the islands by, they have left them relatively unscathed, even though the economic output of Jersey's financial sector has shrunk by almost a third."

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