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The Guardian: "There is an alternative to neoliberalism that still understands the markets"

"It is better to accept a more modest but sustainable growth path than unregulated capitalism offers. But is there the will to do so?"

Hammerson's Brent Cross Vision (Yeah, right.)
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"Many fear that neoliberalism will never be defeated. They may be right, if their fears are that the interests sustaining the neoliberal system are too powerful. When they claim neoliberalism will prevail because there are no viable alternatives, however, they are quite wrong. The ideas are out there; they are widely understood and coherent; there are even good examples of them in action.

"... We know how to reduce the degree of leveraging in financial markets, how to tax the volume of transactions in those markets, how to protect banks' main holdings from speculative activity. Some of these things were being practised successfully before the wave of banking deregulation.

"We know that it is not true that tax havens and other loopholes make it impossible to monitor international financial transactions, because when the world's authorities wanted to check the flow of finances funding terrorism, they were able to move effectively. The means are not lacking, only the will."

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