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The Independent: Undemocratic council fails to protect town centre from unsympathetic development (Now, where have we heard...)

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"Occupy London is not the only movement that has reclaimed space to call for change. Local groups have also occupied key public places across England in a bid to highlight their concerns. Like Occupy London, local groups are concerned that high powered institutions are controlling their towns by silencing inhabitants and undermining democracy.

"Leek, a small market town in Staffordshire, is the latest town to join the national occupy movement. After a bitter dispute with Staffordshire County Council regarding their plan to remove the only roundabout in Leek, Leekensians’ set up an encampment on the roundabout on Monday 11 June 2012. The Council intend to remove the roundabout to make way for a new road system costing £5 million that can cope with the extra traffic caused by a Sainsbury’s supermarket due to be built in Leek."

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