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[Reposted from Oct 2012] Which Stewie used to be the Big Cheese in Barnet Planning?

Stewart Murray - GLA ex-Barnet
'Friendly Guy' or BBC3's 'Family Guy'?
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 No mention of Barnet
 in 'Planning Magazine' 19/10/2012

Continuing the theme, which Brian was also involved in Brent Cross Cricklewood? 

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  1. Stewart Murray’s profile does not mention his time at Barnet, especially his crowning glory of Brent Cross Cricklewood, or the master plan of 22,500 new homes over ten years (down from his original target of 36.000) in Graham Park, Colindale, Mill Hill, Edgware, Dollis Valley, North Finchley, North London Business Park and anywhere else they could be crammed in.

    Is he no longer proud of his legacy in Barnet?