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"Anti-Fascists win Battle of Cricklewood Broadway"

('Wembley Matters' video and text)

"Fifty or so members of the far-right group South East Alliance were brought to a halt on Cricklewood Broadway on Saturday, when local residents and activists occupied the road to stop them proceeding. Despite police lines trying to push them back to clear the road, residents stood firm with a little determined pushing back, and the line held.

"The SEA were ostensibly protesting against what they claimed to be Muslim Brotherhood offices at 113a Cricklewood Broadway (on their Facebook page they called it Cricklewood High Street). In fact the group that previously occupied the offices had been minor sympathisers of the MB and not the MB itself and, as the police have stated, moved out some time ago.

"The police themselves seemed rather confused as they had put up an enclosure outside 119 Cricklewood Broadway and tried to get the anti-fascists to stand there to no avail.

"The SEA was about 50 strong and out-numbered 3:1 by the counter demonstrations. After making short speeches, entirely to themselves, the SEA turned round and heavily escorted by police went back to Kilburn station.

"Residents celebrated what they saw as a victory over attempts to divide a diverse but united community."

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