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Barnet's Cunning Plan for when Hammerson Walks Out of the Unsustainable Brent Cross Cricklewood Shambles

This was due to be approved at the:

Assets, Regeneration and Growth Committee
Monday 16th June, 2014 7.00 pm (link)

but Barnet council had screwed up its legal advice, and the committee didn't lawfully exist!

Watch the video from Barnet Bugle:

Or with added bile, link to Mrs Angry's 'Broken Barnet' web site below:

"There was a meeting scheduled for last night at the Town Hall, the inaugural meeting of the rather unappealingly named 'Assets, Regeneration and Growth Committee'.

"Mrs Angry didn't bother to go, being more inclined to stay at home and sit on the sofa eating chocolate, and discussing tents, portable showers and She Wees with Miss Angry (don't ask).

"Perhaps this was the wrong choice, or the right choice, but in any event she missed what was perhaps the most extraordinary meeting that has ever taken place, here in Broken Barnet, where extraordinary meetings are the order of the day, most days.

"Do look at the footage, and try to suspend your belief in the possibility of proper governance in local government long enough to understand what has now happened in this borough.

"This was the committee meeting which discovered, rather in the surrealist manner of a Bunuel film, (no, please don't argue, Jack Cohen ...) that it did not exist. Or it may have been an existential crisis. Or it may have discovered rather that it existed not in the moment, only in the imagination. Hard to tell.

"The harsh truth, however, that had to be accommodated, to the evident discomfiture of all present, was that the committee had
no constitutional status,
no executive powers,
no purpose,
no point."

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