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"London housing zones to create 50,000 new homes" (The high-vis jackets and helmets are in case of meteorites or low-flying pigeons)

"The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson have announced today (Friday June 13) that 50,000 new homes, across twenty new housing zones, will be created in London, while visiting a prospective new zone in Enfield, North London.

"Housing zones are a new approach being used by the government, to get new homes built quickly. [Why will they work, any more than existing scams?]

"... To ensure that developments in housing zones progress as quickly as possible, the government will grant the Mayor substantial powers, in the form of Mayoral Development Orders, to remove planning obstacles.

"These new zones are in line with the major shake-up of planning rules to support house building announced by the Chancellor in his Mansion House Speech, yesterday.

"... The Mayor’s Office has worked with a number of London boroughs to test the concept. These include: 
  • Meridian Water in Enfield 
  • Tottenham Hale in Haringey 
  • Southall in Ealing 
  • South Poplar in Tower Hamlets 
  • Winstanley and York Road in Wandsworth."

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