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The Guardian: "Barnet Tories: confusion, regret and so much more"

"Trailblazing north London borough Conservatives survived Labour's challenge last month but now face claims of incompetence, sharp practice and private greed"

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"Barnet Council, for so long a Conservative standard bearer for minimalist services and grand privatisations, is in danger of becoming known instead as the London Borough of Bungles and Bad Behaviour.

"The month since the Tories just about held off Labour at the ballot box has seen the council mired in constitutional confusion, its leaders challenged about manoeuvres over allowances and timetables and had none other than Boris Johnson publicly agreeing to help look into the private business conduct of a senior Barnet Tory councillor.

"Trouble burst into the open on June 2 at the first full council meeting after the election, at which the Conservatives’ previously safe majority was slashed to just four seats. This is expected to dwindle to a tiny, tenuous one after residents of Colindale ward vote for their three councillors on Thursday in a contest postponed from May due to the death of a candidate from the Green Party."

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