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The Londonist: "Unfinished London: The City’s Airports"

'The Londonist' web site:

"After a long break, Jay Foreman is back with another must-watch episode of Unfinished London, this time telling the story of the capital’s airports. As ever, it’s packed with trivia, wisecracks and visual effects that’ll make you wince, double-take and LOL your pants off, all at the same time.

"Our own video/transport geek Geoff Marshall had a chat with Jay about the background to his new film:

"Hurrah! It’s out — part 3 of unfinished London. It’s been three years since the last one, had you been planning this one for that long or have you just been busy doing other stuff?"
"We’ve just been busy. Paul’s got a proper job, so that’s why it’s been so difficult finding the time to make these. They take ages!"
"We note it’s ‘Part 1′. Oh! So there’s another bit of the Aiports to come? Was that always planned or did it turn out that there was more about London airports than you originally thought?"
"We don’t really plan how long each episode’s going to be, we just try and squeeze all the facts in, and hope it doesn’t get too boring. But when we gathered all our research about planes, the script ran to a whopping 20 minutes, so we thought we’d better split it in two. Also, two videos means twice as many YouTube hits."
"This must take so much planning and organising. Do you ever feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew when doing these?"
"Aargh! Yes!"
"Why wouldn’t the Hendon/RAF museum let you in to film?"
"Actually, slightly cheeky, we just put that joke in cos it sounded funny. We never even asked the RAF museum for permission to film. In fact, we had a good look in there and there’s nothing to show. The Croydon Airport visitor’s centre though, they were arseholes!"
"We love how you’re sitting at the SAME desk and computer screen, with your head swivelled left to talk at the camera. Where is that? Your home, your parents’, or your friends’?"
"That’s my parents’ house where I used to live back when we made episode 1. They don’t keep a computer in that room anymore so it was a heavy job getting that shot to look the same. But I think it’s important there’s some continuity, or how will you know it’s me?"
"So…apart from ‘When is Part 2′ of the airports out, the obvious question must be ‘Is that it now?’ You’ve done tube, roads, and planes…is there possibly another episode of this down the line, or do you think you’ve covered all the topics now?"
"Part 2 needs a bit of work, but it’s more or less ready to go. We’ll upload it before July, I think. We haven’t planned any more after that, but then again, every episode we’ve done so far was meant to be the last, so who knows, we could change our minds yet again."
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