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NLA: "London's Centre for the Built Environment"

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"Located at The Building Centre in central London, NLA is a focus for the debate and discussion of issues facing architecture, planning, development and construction in the capital.

"A year-round programme of conferences, talks, round-table discussions and exhibitions attracts leading decision-makers in London government, property, planning and design. This broad audience of architects, engineers, developers, agents, planners, councillors, officers and community provides an unrivalled environment for discussion, learning and debate.

"Public galleries - open to all, free of charge, six days a week - tell the story of London's development through a giant scale model of central London, displays on major development activity across all of London's 33 boroughs and regularly changing exhibitions. We are open six days a week and receive over 10,000 visitors each month from London, the UK and abroad."

"NLA is an independent organisation managed by Pipers Projects Ltd. All funding comes from ticket sales to paid events and membership fees from a wide range of private and public sector organisations with an interest in London's built environment."

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The Towers Debate:
Does London need more tall buildings?
(3 June 2014)

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