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[Reposted] GVA "Grimley does it." A repetitive and ungrammatical report. Not your best!

"Plans have been approved for the Brent Cross Cricklewood scheme, which will create a new town centre for the area, providing 7,500 new homes, new retail units, new social and community facilities, improved and new open public spaces, as well as improved transport infrastructure.

"This will create a new a new centre [sic. This is nothing - elsewhere there are whole paragraphs repeated!] in one of the capital city’s major suburbs. There is considerable support at local level for the planned development in this area, as set out in the Unitary Development Plan (UDP, now superceded) and the Development Framework. [The 'Supplementary Planning Guidance' (SPG) mentions over 29,000 extra cars every day!] The introduction of the Opportunity Area Planning Framework (OAPF) will go further to demonstrate this support. [Not sure that we ever got an OAPF.]

"Considerable investment in transport infrastructure, land acquisition and industrial development has been made. [No idea what that means. But Hammerson purchased land before the crash!] ***

"It is recommended that efforts are focussed on maintaining the working relationships between the Council, GLA, local developers and key owners, in order to ensure the successful development and regeneration of this area. Therefore it is recommended that public sector intervention is focussed on:
  • Ensuring transport upgrades are delivered in line with key development phases to improve accessibility to new provision
  • Linking employment opportunities to the local workforce to maximise a closer live-work relationship
  • Providing affordable housing to overcome existing housing-related drivers of deprivation
  • Ongoing support and engagement with the existing delivery partnership to identify early on any potential barriers to achievement."

"As part of the planning permission, a £964m commitment to improving local infrastructure has been made by the developers [no, really!] including:
  • £500m of investment in transport, including £189m on environmental measures
  • £200m for road improvements
  • £109m on community infrastructure, including new health facilities and state-of-the-art new premises for three local schools
  • £112m on cleaning up the land and disposing of waste
  • A new train station on the Midland Mainline [they mean the Midland Main Line, not the old train operating company], a new bus station, new bridges and cycling routes, new facilities for Clitterhouse Playing Fields, new open space
  • A new town centre for north-west London."

"Transport infrastructure improvements will include a new mainline train station and freight service on the Midland Mainline [we've told you once about that], providing connections to King Cross station ... [It is actually St Pancras - although there was a 'Kings Cross Thameslink', so we'll give the benefit of the doubt there.]

"The planned developments and regeneration for the London Riverside Opportunity Area have the potential to have a significant impact on the wider area. [Since Riverside is 3 000 hectares of east London, did they cobble together this Brent Cross report from that one, without changing the name? Does that explain the rather strange sentence marked *** above?] [Who knows?] [Who cares?] [Although, did LB of Barnet pay for all this guff? The report may have been commissioned solely by the 'London Development Agency'.]

"The Council is seeking to promote development of this area, which can both take advantage of its strategic location and enable the regeneration of the surrounding communities in Barnet and the adjoining boroughs."

(Archived file - there are some minor formatting errors in the PDF file - some of the lettering got so bored, it slid down the page slightly.)

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