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Evening Standard: "Property: High-rises strive to meet lofty aims"

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"Next week, 700 tower lovers from round the world will gather in London for their annual jamboree at the low-rise Brewery Conference Centre in the City. The official theme of the two-day 'mine-is-bigger-than-yours' event is Height and Heritage.

"The US-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, which runs the show, takes itself very seriously, as its name suggests. But lets be less serious. The un-admitted theme for delegates is: 'How do we squeeze more skyscrapers into cities with all these darn old buildings in the way?'

"Today’s theme is why do developers bother building skyscrapers? The numbers in the illustration show it to be a risky game. Conception to completion can take more than a decade, ensuring the project is blighted by at least one economic downturn. The four towers examined above have yet to make a bean although all should when eventually filled."

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