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Uprising against new Shopping Centre (Yes, we know the sort of thing)

Feb 2012: "Istanbul’s Taksim Square To Become Lifeless And Isolated In New Urban Plan, Opponents Warn"

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Project was 'rushed through' with little to no transparency
"The plans for Taksim Square were never subjected to public scrutiny, according to a statement by the Taksim Platform. Civic organizations and residential groups had no chance to give input or ask questions about the project, even though it is being funded by their tax money.

"At meetings every Monday night, the platform discusses new ways to glean more information about the project or prevent it. In last week’s meeting, attended by approximately 50 citizens, a protest demonstration was planned, a meeting with an association of professional and academic architects was scheduled, and attendees even tossed around the idea of flooding the government with requests for information in order to stall the project."

A constructive opposition movement
"The Taksim Platform isn’t just about obstructing the project, however. Platform members are working with a group of 150 professors from three different universities around the city to come up with alternate plans for the reconstruction of Taksim. The slogan of the platform reinforces the idea that they want to improve the reconstruction plans, not simply cancel them: 'A better project… A better Taksim… A better future'."

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