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"Borisstan: the independent city state and docking station for global wealth formerly known as London"

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"By the summer of 2030, David Cameron wasn't a name that meant much to most Britons. Ed Miliband? He barely rated a mention from the Will Straws and Euan Blairs now running the Labour dynasty.

"Yet there was one early-21st-Century politician who could claim a permanent legacy. Little urchins would break off from intense communion with their iJobs™ to pull off a passable impersonation. 'Cripes!' They'd say, while ruffling their hair. 'Crikey!'

Boris Johnson, who else? He was the godfather and loudhailer of the campaign to make London independent from the rest of Britain. The fight had taken decades, but at last it had triumphed: even while Scotland remained part of the UK, the erstwhile capital had broken away and was now its own city-state.

"This latest signatory to the UN charter was officially dubbed Great London, but most people used an informal name that honoured its inspiration. They called it Borisstan."

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