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North London Waste Plan: Letter from FORAB

"We am writing with the views of  FORAB, an umbrella group representing 15 Residents Associations in Barnet.

"The new plan should not follow on from the deeply flawed previous document but start with a blank sheet of paper. We do not accept that the majority of the last plan was sound.  It was riddled with errors, omissions and inconsistencies.

"The previous forecasts of waste produced were out of date and inaccurate, as less waste was being produced by a larger than forecast population.

"More work must be done on prevention at source and point of use. The waste hierarchy must be systematically and methodically followed.

"There must be detailed investigations into the type of waste being produced, both now and likely to arise in the future.

"More work is required into what can be recycled, and this amount maximised. 

"Methods of managing the residue need more thought than last time. So-called energy from heat can lead to toxic fumes and even more toxic ash being produced. Alternative methods and existing sites seemed to have been largely disregarded last time.

"The impact of the noise, smell and impact of additional heavy traffic on the immediate and wider community was treated with cavalier disregard last time.

"The number of sites considered, how they are rated, and which are shortlisted must be done properly this time.  Last time it appeared that the two preferred sites were used as a base line [maybe Brent Cross and Pinkham Way?], then a number of other sites were listed without regard to whether they were suitable or not, and totally disregarding other more suitable locations.

"The scoring system was used inconsistently and irrationally last time.

"We look forward to seeing more thorough and comprehensive documents, following a full and professional option appraisal of all the possible sites in the seven North London Boroughs, not just Barnet."

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