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Vince and The Future

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"Foresight projects are in-depth studies looking at major issues 20-80 years in the future. Recent examples include Future of Computer TradingGlobal Migration and Global Food and Farming Futures. Foresight uses the latest scientific evidence and futures analysis to tackle complex issues and provide strategic options for policy.

"A Foresight project does not set out to predict the future. But on the basis of a thorough understanding and analysis of the subject in its broadest perspective – and an awareness of different ways in which the future may develop – we can identify a range of possible outcomes.

"The purpose of our futures work is to assist decision makers now to understand how the decisions they make today might affect the future. In this way, Foresight can help policy makers to reach more stable decisions that are more likely to survive the uncertainties of the future."

'Foresight is funded by the
Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

The Future of Cities

"A Foresight project reporting in 2015, THE FUTURE OF CITIES will take a long-term look at how UK cities can best contribute to economic growth over the coming decade, taking into consideration
equity, and 
social inclusion,
which are all vitally important for cities and their citizens."

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