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Daily Telegraph: "It’s the end of this road for the high street"

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"When it comes to the high street, few can rival Bill Grimsey’s footfall. 'Veteran retailer' is the phrase he uses to describe himself on the cover of Sold Out, his hard-hitting manifesto on the future of the high street that is attracting the attention of ministers and property companies alike.

It pulls no punches. The high street, it argues, is 'as good as dead already'. Current government spending, prompted in part by the 'false hope' of the Portas Review, is 'a short-term fillip'; too little, too late. No amount of 'clichéd arguments' blaming the supermarkets, the shopping centre developers or 'the e-tail party' is going to reverse the long-term trend away from the high street, because it runs too deep.

"Yet the closing sections sweeten the pill with proposals to see the high street restocked, by placing itself at the core of a reinvigorated local manufacturing base and at the heart of community services. And such a vision is at the heart of the independent 'alternative' high street review that Grimsey has announced this week, with the backing of Andy Clarke, the chief executive of Asda, among other senior retailers."

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