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[Reposted from April 2013] Hammerson (& Standard Life & London Communications Agency): From Hero to Zero in twelve months!

'Planning' Magazine:



"Entering the Top 100 in pole position for 2013
is a project that looks set to dominate
the listings for years to come.

"Nine Elms on the South Bank is a 12-year venture
that aims to revive 25 inter-connected sites,
spread across 195 hectares of Thames-side
between Lambeth and Chelsea Bridges.

“...Among the ... schemes that have dropped out
since last year’s listing, the most prominent is 
Brent Cross Cricklewood,
in north-west London.
[It was THIRD-EQUAL from the top, last year!]

“A spokesman for the partners behind the scheme
said they had decided not to submit information,
because it is likely to see some changes [sic]
in the months ahead."

Comment: We believe this indicates that the overall £4.5-billion, 14-million-sq-ft scheme at Brent Cross Cricklewood has now been abandoned, because the money cannot be raised for a profitable development.

This plan included demolishing over 200 existing homes.

Developer Hammerson only has a new out-of-town cinema at Brent Cross in its new short-term “development pipe-line” (www.hammerson.com/property/developments/).

Many in the BX Coalition believe this cinema scheme should receive the blessing of Barnet Council, but no here!

It could be used to reverse decline of one of Barnet’s high streets, if the council were willing to be pro-active in helping the cinema chain involved with its welcome investment.

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