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MKWeb: Hammerson's James Rowbotham: "New designs pay homage to heritage, ... quite humble, but also imaginative" (No, it's not Brent Cross)

"New plans revealed"

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"New plans for The Point in Milton Keynes have been put on public display.

"James Rowbotham, the development manager of Hammerson, who [sic] own the site, said:
"The architecture is quite different from last year. ... It is quite humble, but also imaginative."

"The new 160,000 sq ft site will have three floors, with two dedicated to retail and more space for leisure.

"But the design was not popular with Linda Inoki, of pressure group Xplain:
"While we appreciate that Hammerson has listened and tried to change the design, it looks like an explosion in a triangle factory."

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