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"Sainsbury's boss says corporate tax row is a question of morality, not legality" (Hammerson and Standard Life at Brent Cross know all about tax havens, don't they?)

Link to The Guardian

"Sainsbury's chief executive, Justin King, has challenged senior business leaders and fellow retailers over the UK corporation tax furore by arguing that the issue is a question of morality, not legality.

"He criticised companies that argued they paid enough tax legally and said there was no moral high ground in making such statements. The boss of the UK's third-biggest supermarket also warned that companies with aggressive tax arrangements faced a boycott from consumers, who view tax from an ethical standpoint.

"Speaking at the British Retail Consortium's annual symposium of business leaders on Tuesday, he said:
"Tax is a moral issue, I would argue. Every business in a position of trust should be able to stand up and try to explain why they arrange their affairs the way they do if they believe they have nothing to hide."

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