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[Reposted from Feb 2013] The Observer: "Will supermalls save high streets or drain life out of local traders?"

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"Trinity Leeds's developer, Land Securities, believes it is creating the future of British retail. Despite the downturn, it has already leased 90% of the centre by value and more than 80% by floorspace. Builders are putting the finishing touches to large stores for Primark, Next, M&S and Topshop in a city that has reinvented itself as a thriving financial hub.

"We have tried to take shopping forward in the UK," says Andrew Dudley, who is overseeing the development for Land Securities. "Experience is everything. You really need to excite people about coming into towns and cities."

With that in mind, Trinity Leeds will attempt to tie itself into the digital world with screens that can interact and play games with passers-by. There will be free Wi-Fi throughout the centre and other screens will flash up local news and, potentially, live coverage of nearby music and arts events. There's a customer service centre, where shoppers can leave bags while they go to the cinema or pick up items they've ordered online.

" 'Retail is not just about shopping. It's about taking the best from online, the high street and events venues, and bringing it into one place,' says Paul Smith, marketing manager for Trinity Leeds.

Daliy Telegraph (Oct 2012):
"Trinity Leeds:
a £350m bet on the economy"

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