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'The London Plan': Devising the cunning current one

Policy 2.15 Town Centres (Link)

Issue: Will the proposed strategy facilitate suitable local strategies for town centre development and enhancement?
(2.109) In essence, Policy 2.15 represents an overarching policy framework for town centre development in general.

It is supplemented by two tables in Annexe 2. Table A2.1 identifies the network of strategically significant centres. This includes two International Centres within the CAZ (West End and Knightsbridge) and, outside the CAZ, 12 Metropolitan Centres, 35 Major centres and 147 District Centres.

In addition, it recognises 20 CAZ frontages. Among other things, this table indicates the policy directions for each of these centres by placing them within one of three categories (high, medium or low growth). It also highlights 68 of these various types of centre where there is some need for regeneration.

(2.110) Table A2.2 signals centres where change to the network might take place over the Plan period. These include two Major and two District Centres that are shown in Table A2.1 to have potential to move up to become higher order centres (Metropolitan and Major respectively) as contributions to regeneration (Stratford, Woolwich, Elephant and Castle and Surrey Quays/Canada Water) and seven currently unclassified centres which have potential to become classified either as District Centres or CAZ frontages.

One further centre, Brent Cross which was unidentified in Table A2.1 because it was deemed to be a free-standing regional shopping centre and not a conventional town centre, is shown in Table A2.2 as a candidate for change from Regional to Metropolitan Centre status. (Whoopie!)

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