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18 Jul to 13 Oct, Royal Academy of Arts: "Richard Rogers RA: Inside Out"

"Richard Rogers RA is one of the most successful and influential architects in the world. He is responsible for some of the most radical designs of the 20th century, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris (with Renzo Piano), Lloyd’s of London and the Law Courts in Bordeaux.

" 'Inside Out' will reveal the man and the ideas behind these pioneering buildings.

"Throughout his career, Rogers’ creations have been shaped by political, social and ethical concerns, as well as popular culture, technology, art and urbanism. This blend of influences is manifest not only in his architecture, but also in his roles as a speaker, writer, politician and activist.

"Focusing on key projects and using previously unseen archival material, drawings and personal items the exhibition will explore his career, from the influence of his Italian family to his impact on how we experience cities today. Visitors will gain an unprecedented insight into this leader of modern design.

"To encourage visitors to engage in the debates and issues around architecture today, the final room in the exhibition will be a space for dialogue and discussion, events and workshops, where visitors can share their views and hear from high- profile speakers in related fields.

"Also look out for Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Manufactured House in the courtyard through August until early September. This innovative, flat packed, environmentally efficient home is an example of how new building technologies can help shape better mass housing."

Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BD
Please note: Due to an event, the final gallery of the exhibition will close early at 4pm on Friday 19 July.

The Guardian:
"Richard Rogers:
the world as it could be"
(includes video)

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