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Barnet Cyclists: "Barnet to Go Dutch?"

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"We are thrilled to be able to say that Barnet is expressing a serious interest in the Mayor’s 'Little Holland' scheme. This new initiative aims to produce a 'Dutch' (or Dutchesque at least) cycling environment, in selected outer London centres and will attract £33 million of funding.

We want to see:
  • Continuous, high quality and high-capacity extensions of both Superhighways CS11 and CS12 to a regenerated Tally Ho Corner along the historic A598 and A1000, including safe, direct and convenient crossings of the A406

  • Continuous, high quality and high-capacity extension of Superhighway CS11 along the A41 or via Hendon to a regenerated Edgware town centre, including a safe, direct and convenient crossing of the A406

  • Intervention at the Staples Corner M1 Interchange (part of the Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration zone) to provide safe, direct and convenient passage along the A5

  • All provision for cycling to be of a standard that is safe and convenient for all abilities, without penalizing (through delay) cyclists for not choosing to ride with motor traffic."

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