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The Guardian: "Paths of glory: what might a cycle-friendly city look like?"

"From elevated bike lanes to spiralling cycle stands, a new book charts innovative infrastructure from around the world"

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"Big plans are afoot. In March, chief promoter of novelty infrastructure projects, Boris Johnson, unveiled a £900m cycling vision for the capital. His ambitious plans include a 15-mile segregated east-west route across town – dubbed “Crossrail for the bike” – as well as a network of back-road “quietways” and a series of “mini Hollands” in the suburbs, where all journeys will be encouraged to be taken by bike.

It remains to be seen if this grandiose vision will ever materialise, but in his quest to follow the lead of the lowlands, a new book might come in handy. Cycle Infrastructure, written by the architects behind Dutch planning practice Artgineering, presents a survey of best-practice cycle routes from around the world, alongside interviews with the people that made them happen. 

There is also an enlightening section on innovations, from Copenhagen's conversation lanes, to the bike-friendly traffic lights in Groningen – which turn green for cyclists earlier when it's raining or snowing. The authors say:
"The goal is to activate the full potential of cycling for the urban landscape, and to consider cycling infrastructure as an integral design challenge, instead of purely an issue of traffic engineering.”

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