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Brent LibDems say: "Battle against Barnet’s Welsh Harp towers is not over"

(Number 2 of 2 today)

"Dollis Hill’s Liberal Democrat councillors have pledged to continue their efforts to block 2,000 new flats being built on the Brent boundary overlooking the Welsh Harp, including a massive 29-storey tower.

"Councillor Javaid Ashraf spoke on behalf of concerned residents at last Tuesday’s (23 July) Barnet Council Planning Committee meetings, when he was loudly applauded by people attending the meeting. Despite overwhelming opposition, the controversial application was narrowly approved by Barnet councillors. The application has now been referred to the Mayor of London who has one more week to decide whether to intervene.

"Councillor Ashraf has written to the Mayor of London asking him to overturn Barnet Council’s decision because the planning application contravenes London Plan policies and will harm Brent residents.

"Councillor Ashraf said:

“If built, these tower blocks will dominate the skyline across Welsh Harp and could damage the wildlife and amenity for residents. Barnet councillors were presented with many good reasons to reject the planning ahead but once again decided to load yet more development on the Brent boundary. The Mayor of London now has one final chance to make the right decision.”

"Fellow Liberal Democrat councillor for Dollis Hill, Councillor Alison Hopkins added:

“This decision comes hot on the heels of Barnet agreeing to cram flats onto the old Parcel Force site and working to promote the devastating Brent Cross Cricklewood plans. It’s time the Mayor of London stepped in to prevent Barnet councillors riding roughshod over the interests of Brent residents.”

"Councillor Hopkins is also vice-chair of the Welsh Harp Joint Consultative Committee, which agreed last week to write to the Mayor of London to express its concern. The committee comprises councillors from both sides of the Brent / Barnet boundary, along with representatives from local conservation and residents’ groups."

(That's enough LibDem press releases. Ed.)

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