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LB of Brent's submission to Boris for multi-million 'Go Dutch' cycling grant - no doubt LB of Barnet's bid is EVEN BETTER!

Brent Cyclists say:

"Outer London boroughs were eligible to bid for a share of £100 million to focus spending on cycle infrastructure intensively on one of their town centres. Bids were submitted in early July 2013.

"18 of the 20 outer London boroughs submitted bids (only Havering and Bromley did not). Brent Cyclists were closely involved in the preparation of Brent's bid.

"A shortlist of 6–8 boroughs will be announced at the end of August, who will then be funded to develop fully-costed and detailed programmes. There are expected to be between one and four final winners announced in November."

'Ways to Wembley':
Key Outcomes
  1. Wembley will be a fully accessible cycle destination and cycling hub for Brent
    People travelling to Wembley for work, sporting events, entertainment and shopping will arrive by bike. Segregated cycle paths, secure cycle parking and a bike hub will be created
  2. Breaking down the physical barriers to cycling
    The considerable road and rail barriers to journeys by bike will be overcome to encourage greater levels of cycling in the borough. At present physical barriers include the North Circular Road, River Brent and Dudding Hill freight line, which all run in parallel to each other, as well as rail and Tube lines across Brent.
  3. Social barriers to cycling will be removed
    We will be looking to break down some of the social barriers to cycling. Wembley has high proportions of groups who do not strongly participate in cycling. We will develop education and awareness-building initiatives with these groups, to encourage a greater take-up of cycling in those communities.
  4. Develop a Brent Cycle Route Network
    We will look to develop a clear, direct and well-connected network. The network will focus on the Wembley to Neasden route through the Jubilee and Metropolitan Superhighway and the Jubilee and Orbital Quietways, but there will also be routes from other parts of the borough which link into this network and to Wembley.
  5. More people travelling by bike in Brent
    We recognise that distances may be too great for many to commute from Brent to central London by bike, so we will particularly target shorter journeys now made by car, along with journeys to railway stations. Although cycling levels in Brent are low, with around 1% mode share, historically there is a high propensity to cycle, and we will look to increase this mode share to around 5% or more.

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