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[Reposted] Thurs 11 July: Finchley Society

"Summer 2013 is upon us. and I have prepared a new slide show and two walks entitled FINCHLEY - OUTWARD BOUND, that I hope you will enjoy. The slide show is on Thurs July 11th, the first walk Sunday 21st July and the second walk Sunday 18th August. We are asking for a £3 donation from non-Finchley Society members per event. 

"Having covered almost every square inch of Finchley in the ‘Waterways and Greenways of Finchley’ slide shows and walks, we felt it was time to venture further afield so here we are, following the disused railways to Alexandra Palace and Mill Hill. Both very pretty walks, they are somewhat different.

"The Mill Hill walk (apart from the noise of the traffic) is much quieter and has more of a country feel to it, especially as we are arriving at Ally Pally in the midst of the 150 years celebrations.

"If you’ve never seen them, the views from the Ally Pally railway are spectacular, and are a must for any local resident. There are public footpaths through the Mill Hill School grounds and the architecture of all the different buildings is very charming.

"I’ve planned the walks to be around 4 miles but there are several ’drop out’ points along the way on each walk with good public transport links back to the start and Finchley. If there is good weather or light or intermittent showers we will be proceeding as planned but if there is heavy or persistent rain we will cancel and reschedule for a latter date

"If there is interest and demand I might plan a third railway walk for early autumn - the line from the secret station at Highgate to Finsbury Park. Hope to see you at one or more of the events,"

Mike Gee
Chair Environment & Transport Committee
The Finchley Society

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