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BBC: "Riba Stirling Prize: '60s concrete estate up for award"

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"A renovated 1960s concrete housing block in Sheffield, once notorious for crime, drugs and deprivation, is among six buildings vying for the prestigious Stirling Prize.
"Part of one of the UK's most iconic and infamous housing estates and famous for walkways known as 'streets in the sky', Park Hill was built in 1961 and was one of the first Brutalist buildings in the UK. Inspired by Le Corbusier's Unite D'habitation, a famous block of flats in Marseille, France, the building divided opinion between some who loved it and many who loathed it.

"By the 1980s, Park Hill had become dilapidated and was no longer a popular place to live. Poor noise insulation, badly-lit walkways and plenty of passages and alleys made perfect getaways for muggers.

"Architects Hawkins Brown and Studio Egret West have kept the structure of the building in place but changed key features, such as interior layout, windows and security. The 'streets in the sky' remain, but the external brickwork has been replaced with bright coloured aluminium.

"A new window in each flat that faces the street has been described as an improvement to the design by the original architect. Judges said the reinvented building 'stands as a beacon for imaginative regeneration, quality mass housing and the bold reuse of a listed building'."

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