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CIHT's response to "Investing in Britain's Future"

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"The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, announced:
"£28 billion will be invested from 2014-2020, in enhancements and maintenance of national and local roads."
"The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation believes that road building must form part of an integrated multi-modal transport strategy, and should not be developed in isolation. 

"Schemes that are developed through the National Roads Programme should be appraised with the full consideration of sustainability principles.

"Sue Percy, Chief Executive, CIHT said:
“Whilst we welcome the investment outlined for the highways sector, CIHT believe that this must form part of a long-term, multi-modal strategy. This and future investment must not only be in large-scale high profile schemes, but also in smaller scale projects that can have a direct positive impact on local communities and economies.’

Everyone relies on or uses transport daily, integrated transport is fundamental to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the community. The whole transport network (including rail, buses, walking & cycling) is important to different users in different ways, and must be effective to provide a safe and efficient level of service."

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