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Brent & Kilburn Times, and Disgusted of Dollis Hill

(From two weeks ago)

Dear Mr McGuinness
I've just read your letter in our local papers, accusing me of lying with regard to the Brent Cross Cricklewood proposals.  I am appalled by the tenor and the content of it.

It is disingenuous in the extreme to state that there are no plans and never have been for a dump or incinerator. The exiting waste transfer facility, which you propose to move to the Geron Way site, is a dump. The proposed gasification of waste, using ill defined processes, will have to use some kind of pyrolysis. I'd refer you to the excellent arguments on this by Prof Paul Connett.

And, I have emails from Network Rail confirming that they have no funding or business plans for the so-called Brent Cross Cricklewood station.

As to the road layouts, as someone who has lived less than a mile from Brent Cross for close on forty years, I can assure you I've studied these in considerable detail and from a profound local knowledge of traffic patterns and behaviour. I'm also aware that they're based on inaccurate and deeply flawed traffic assessments, which make statements that are actually physically impossible.

If you want to find out what's local people really think of these plans, then come and knock [original said 'kick'!] on local doors, and talk to those who actually live here, rather than those who shop at Brent Cross and often come from some distance. I do this almost every day. Perhaps if any of your exhibitions had been in Brent, you might have fond out the real fears about your still ill-thought-out plans.

At the exhibition, Mr Joseph assured me and my husband that the dump and incinerator would not happen. Who are we now to believe?

Frankly, if this is the attitude to be expected, then these much vaunted meetings to talk transport and waste will be an utter whitewash and a total waste of time. I see little purpose in them.

Alison Hopkins
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Dollis Hill

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