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Daily Telegraph: "The good, the bad or the ugly? How the UK economy stands up"

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"The recovery is gathering momentum, with GDP expanding 0.6pc in the second quarter. But is it the right kind of growth, or merely the dying throws of a country condemned to decline? For every optimist, you'll find at least one pessimist. So is the UK economy good, bad, or just plain ugly?

"For the first time in almost three years, and for only the fifth time since 1998, the economy has begun firing on all cylinders. Services, industrial production – including manufacturing, construction, and agriculture all expanded in the second quarter, as the recovery accelerated from 0.3pc growth in the first three months to 0.6pc in the second quarter.

"... For all the relief that the economy is growing solidly again, underlying concerns remain. The long-awaited rebalancing is not happening, and growth is still so weak the economy is dropping further behind its potential. Depending on your perspective, the UK economy is good, bad or just plain ugly."

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