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A London Council's "Submission to the Spiv Gods of Speculator Power" (no. it's not about Barnet, but good phrase, eh?)

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"Plenty of councils in London, Labour and Tory alike, do business with developers, often with laudable goals of job-creation, enhancing streets and generating a few affordable homes.

"For many, for many years, it's been one of the few options for bringing in investment they have had. Such partnerships always have hotly-debated pros and cons, but Hammersmith & Fulham's with Capital and Counties hardly deserves the name partnership at all. It's an adoring submission to the spiv gods of speculator power. Even by the dubious standards of its own progaganda the Earls Court Project can only fail.

"... For H&F, planning powers are not levers for regulating the way space is made use of and evolved, they are a means for letting big money do whatever it wants, all the time insisting that nothing could be better for the borough, for the city, for the world. The West Kensington pensioners asked the prime minister:
"We appeal to you to intervene to stop the council forcing us to move against our will. We have made our views known to the council. Despite the harm it will cause to us as elderly residents, they are pushing on regardless. We you stand up for us? We you make the council reconsider decisions that destroy all that we have?"

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