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PlanningResource: "Cable: Britain needs to build 300,000 homes a year"

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"The UK must more than double its delivery of new homes and take 'tough decisions' on the green belt if it is to plug the 'enormous gap' between housing supply and demand, business secretary Vince Cable has said.

"Speaking on ITV news, Cable said the UK is falling 'way short' on the housing supply needed.

"He said housing inflation is reaching dangerous levels, and the number of new homes being built needs to be increased.

" 'Tough decisions' about using green belt areas for new planned cities, such as garden cities, will also need to be taken in the future, he added."

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"Housing booms are today's medieval plagues. Boils suppurate on the political backside. People rush to find culprits to lynch. Quacks appear on street corners with fake remedies. Reason takes a holiday.

"Thus it was yesterday, as the Today programme's John Humphrys chided David Cameron for the 'housing crisis' and for not building more houses in the Tory shires. It was like curing famine by sending caviar to Africa.

"Meanwhile, everyone from Ed Miliband to the governor of the Bank of England screams crisis. There is a crisis when prices fall and a crisis when prices rise. Almost everywhere house prices are still bouncing along the bottom, but at London dinner parties they are a 'bubble'.

"... It may be true that income inequality lies at the root of housing inequality. As such both will always be with us. But housing policy should not make inequality worse."

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