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Hammerson's Darth Drinkwater and the Phantom Menace: Galactic Empire soldiers celebrate Star Wars Day

"Soldiers from the Galactic Empire made an unusual stop-off on Sunday 4th May, with a number of Stormtroopers spotted in some of the UK’s favourite shopping centres.

"In celebration of Star Wars Day, the Stormtroopers were spotted indulging in some retail therapy in a selection of Hammerson shopping centres, WestQuay (Southampton), Brent Cross (London), Centrale (Croydon) and The Oracle (Reading) shopping centres, causing surprise and excitement [well, surprise anyway] amongst shoppers. 

May 4th is recognised across the globe as Star Wars Day and this year, the soldiers headed to some of the UK’s best shopping destinations to celebrate this special day. [Triviality alert.]

One onlooker commented:
"I come to WestQuay all the time, but this is the first time I’ve been greeted by Stormtroopers. [Good grief.] They were just going about their business, doing some shopping and I even spotted them enjoying a coffee at one point too. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, so it was great to see them in the flesh!"

"Phil Drinkwater, Regional Marketing Manager at Hammerson said:
"Battling the empire must be hard work, so we are glad that we could provide some refuge to our gang of Stormtroopers this May 4th. We hope they enjoyed their day out, and that they’ll take time out of their busy schedule to visit again soon." [Good grief again.]

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