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Sunday Telegraph: "Governor of the Bank of England warns that Britain's housing inflation threatens the entire economy"

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"Britain’s housing market has deep structural problems, and rising prices represent the biggest risk to the economy, the Governor of the Bank of England warns today.

"Mark Carney expresses concerns about another 'big debt overhang' building up, with homebuyers taking out loans many times larger than their salaries.

"He says in an interview with Sky News that the UK desperately needs new house-building to help control price inflation. He added:
“We don’t want to build up another big debt overhang that is going to hurt individuals and is very much going to slow the economy in the medium term. We would be concerned if there were a rapid increase in high loan-to-value mortgages across the banks. We’ve seen that creeping up, and it's something we're watching closely."

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The Guardian:
"Buy-to-let return of 16.3% since 1996 dwarfs other investments, says lender"

"Buy-to-let investors have made £12,000 profit on every £1,000 they put into property since mortgages for landlords were first launched in 1996 – returns that have far outstripped every other type of investment, according to an analysis by one of Britain's biggest lenders.

"The report by Paragon Mortgages to mark the 18th birthday – or 'coming of age' – of buy-to-let, predicts that landlords will continue to make an average of 11% a year for the next decade.

"It found that since 1996, £1,000 invested in a buy-to-let property has turned into £13,048, an annual rate of return of 16.3% a year, buoyed by fast-rising house prices and rents. Over the same period shares would have earned investors 6.8% a year, bonds 6.5% and savings in the bank 4%."

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