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Nicky Gavron AM: "Government objects to London’s car parking policy"

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"London has had the quickest shift out of the car and onto bikes, buses, and feet of any city in the world. But now the Government’s rolling us back.

"One of the achievements of the Greater London Authority is to have an integrated approach to making London a sustainable city. Car parking standards are one of the tools we have to encourage people to get around without cars.

"The London Plan sets out car parking standards which limit the maximum number of parking spaces for different types of development – offices, residential, and commercial. Keeping provision low, especially where there are good transport links, encourages people to rely not on cars but on walking, cycling, and public transport. People are even now choosing to live in car-free developments.

"Yet in his response to the consultation on the Further Alterations to the London Plan, planning minister Nick Boles said that London-wide parking standards have to go."

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